Forestry for designers and builders: Do you have questions about the sources of wood and forestry practices in Maine? This session explores the mix of species, geographic differences, sustainability, supply chains and green certification. It will also include an explanation of how active forest management may be used to advance conservation and other non-timber production goals. 

Lloyd Irland, consultant, author and former Maine state economist; Ken Laustsen, biometrician Maine Forest Service; Kate Dempsey of The Nature Conservancy

Modern wood heat: Using Maine wood pellets or wood chips in state-of-the-art boilers and furnaces is clean, easy and less expensive than most fossil fuel alternatives. Panelists will provide an overview of modern wood heat, examples of the boiler systems in 100+ commercial and institutional buildings and a few detailed case-studies of commercial and residential installations.

Charlie Niebling of Maine Statewide Wood Energy Assistance Team; Bede Wellford of Viessman; Dutch Dresser of Maine Energy Systems; Maura Adams of Northern Forest Center

New uses for variety of Maine woods: Maine sawmills produce a variety of hardwoods and softwoods suitable for many uses in residential construction. Panelists explore the utility of some of Maine’s underutilized wood species such as red pine, hemlock and cedar.

Caleb Johnson, Caleb Johnson Studios; Henry Banks, builder, woodworker and director of Tearcap Workshops; Ethan Bessey, E.D. Bessey Lumber Products

Mass Timber and Maine: There are many benefits of designing and building with mass timber products. This panel will provide background on the various mass timber products including CLT. Panelists include Ryan Kanterres - Scott Simons Architects as moderator; Tom Chung - Leers Weinzapfel; Matt Tonello - Consigli; Casey Malmquist - Smart Lam; Russel Edgar - UMaine 

Codes, Life Cycle, and Policy: Codes, life-cycle, and policy are all important pieces of the puzzle to make CLT and mass timber products a main stream building choice. Panelists include Gunnar Hubbard- Thornton Tomasetti as moderator; Nat Oppenheimer - Silman; Rob Otani - Thornton Tomasetti; WoodWorks 

Manufacturing and Sourcing: This panel will feature case studies of innovative wood products being manufactured and produced right here in Maine. Julia Tate of Scott Simons Architects as moderator. GO Labs will present on their density fiberboard insulation and CLT manufacturers SmartLam and Ligna Terra will be on hand to discuss their products.  

Turning Ideas into Action: Architects, engineers, contractors, and manufactures will come together in this panel conversation to discuss ways to bring more mass timber buildings to Maine. Panelists include Timothy Lock - GO Logic as moderator; Matt Tonello - Consigli Construction; Rob Otani - Thornton Tomasetti ; Paul Becker - Becker Structural Engineers; Darron Collins - President, College of the Atlantic.